Carniolan bee (Apis mellifera Carnica) in Slovenia




Introduction in leaf hives AŽ et Bürki

With leaf hives (in Slovenia AŽ (Anton Žnidaršič) hives and in Swizerland Bürki), too, the old bees can be temporarily removed. Completely rebuild the hive and place some combs with broods and sufficient bees in the honey chamber. Open the honey chamber entrance and towards evening, when the old bees fly out, introduce the queen. It is best to employ the bees in the brood chamber with an open brood comb. When the laying young queen is already closed in the honey chamber, we again arrange the colony. The matter can be slightly simplified. Similarly, we place a brood in the honey chamber and open the entrance to the honey chamber, we separate it from the brood chamber with some sheets of paper. In the evening, add the queen and close the honey chamber entrance and the two parts of the colony slowly unite. We must take care that there is sufficient liquid food in both the brood chamber and the honey chamber.


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