Carniolan bee (Apis mellifera Carnica) in Slovenia




Indirect introduction of the queen

This method is usually used by beekeepers. We can check in the added queen cages how favourably inclined the bees are to the queens and decide on their release. Various added queen cages are in use, what is essential is that the stopper that closes the exit is replaced as necessary with sugar candy for bees or sealed with a comb. The workers thus release the queen after a certain time.

In cases in which introduction is not in question, everything can be simplified. For introducing queens, I use a paper bag, about 7 x 7 cm in size. It is prepared from softened newspaper, and glued with natural glue (flour and water). The bag is pierced several times with a thin pin, and the lower corner slightly squeezed to extend the bag. The queen is placed in the bag, and it is then folded twice at the top and attached to a sealed brood comb with a drawing pin, where there are the most young bees. The workers liberate the queen, so that it is not necessary to do more than remove the drawing pin during a later inspection of the colony. 

24 - The bees must not be disturbed immediately after the introduction of a queen.  

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  proceed with a queen obtained from a breeder?