Carniolan bee (Apis mellifera Carnica) in Slovenia




Description of the Carniolan Bee

In comparison with other races the Carniolan Bee is much more resistant to brood diseases.

Numerous studies of individual ecotypes of the Carniolan Bee have shown that there is no sense in looking for the best bee. The selection objective can be set only within individual ecotypes.

Cross-breeding of the Carniolan Bee with other bee strains results in a strong heterosis effect. The colonies are vigorous and honey yields above average. However, at the same time, this often leads to increased aggressivness and disposition to swarming. It is especially the case with the second and third generations after input of foreign genes. Crossbreeds made between the Carniolan and the Italian Bee breeds (although both are known as very gentle) are extremely aggressive.  



Varroa has changed beekeeping technology as well as selection objectives

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